Watch this space

IMG_8492Welcome to the introductory post of Sidewalk Gospel Ministries.  Just a few words to say hi and let you know what we are about. Sidewalk Gospel Ministries has one major purpose – to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world by all possible avenues.

Why…?  Because people are important to him. God actually likes you and he wants you to know him. He already knows everything about you and he still likes you. God loves people so much that he made a way to bring each and every person back into friendship with himself. God wants you in his Kingdom.

‘Anybody and everybody is somebody, in God’s Kingdom.’

Sidewalk Gospel Ministries is a fledgling mission organisation, that takes a unique approach to making the Gospel of Jesus Christ available to anybody, anywhere in the world.

One of Sidewalk Gospel Ministries strategies is to provide a website that reaches out to unchurched and churched alike to bring a greater understanding of what the Gospel is all about. We want to show you why you need Jesus, help you to understand that you are important to God and to discover how you can find God. 

More coming soon…

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