Hi folks

Mike here.  This my first ever blog.  I’m a middle aged, middle class, white, heterosexual, male who lives in a leafy suburb in Brisbane Australia – about as “vanilla” as you can get.  But … I love what Lynda, Rob and the crew are doing.  It’s about 40 years since I first decided to follow Jesus – and its still as fascinating, strange, exciting and confusing as ever.  I’m also a bit of a mystic.

I hope I can share some stuff that will be helpful to people looking for God.  Heh – after all these years – I’m still looking myself.  One of the guys who wrote the bible said its like looking through an opaque window.  You’re absolutely sure of what is there – but you just know there is so much more to see.

I don’t really even know how this “blog” business works (dinosaur – I know) but if there is a way you can get back in touch with any questions, I love talking to people who are thinking through the God stuff.  My only request is – I don’t want to get into the stupid “debates” that rave on on some pages.  You know the ones – where people just yell at each other in ways designed to upset each other while ensuring no-one is ever helped in any way at all.   I am not a bishop, or a philosopher – and I am a lover not a fighter.  Love to chat – but lets keep it real!


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