No competitors

Thanks for the “likes” on my first blog.  I had a look at your blogs – what an amazing bunch of people.  I’m loving the way you are facing up to life’s challenges and dealing with the really important stuff.  Here’s an idea that dawned during my prayers this morning.

No-one else wants the job of being me.   


I struggle with the need to “do better”.  10,000 “shoulds” and “oughts” live rent free in my head.  I feel like life is a contest and every thought, deed, relationship and project has to be measured and tested against others.   The constant judgement gets quite stressful.

I admire St Paul.  He said he had reached a point where he didn’t judge anyone by the standards of his culture – including himself.  He said we are a fine artwork that God is crafting.     Its unique, it’s slow, it’s challenging in parts; and here’s the really great part – no one else even wants the job of being made into the “me” God has in mind.

I have no competitors.  No-one else has the experience, spirituality, sin, giftedness and the life “package” I have!    No-one shares the vision God has for my life.   I have the track to myself.  I can run as fast or slow as I want – rest when weary, drink when thirsty,  and never have to worry that I will be defeated.   No-one will ever pass me, and no-one even wants to take to the field when it comes to being “me”.

The unique challenges you face, the uncertainty and pain, the quirky view of things, the vision no-one else can see, the way you laugh when others don’t – in all of these you will ultimately find the hand of God quietly crafting the “you” he is inviting to step forward.     Give it time, hold it lightly, walk with Jesus and enjoy the fantastic gifts God has pre loaded onto your “track” as you press forward for whatever is pure, noble, lovely and of good repute.

The paradox – as I stop worrying so much and comparing myself to really inappropriate benchmarks, my KPI’s at work improve, my sleep is better and my wife is happier, sin seems further away and I have more focus and decisive energy.

I found this prayer – it helped.      “Lord you love innocence of heart, and when it is lost, only  you can restore it.  Turn our hearts to you and kindle in us the fire of your Spirit so we will be steadfast in faith and energised for good works.”

Much love – Mike

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