Strongholds Over the Nations

Earlier this year I listened to an audio series by renowned Bible teacher, Derek Prince, on spiritual warfare. I personally believe that Derek Prince was one of the best Bible teachers in the world.

Anyhow, he encouraged Chrisians to seek God to gain a revelation of the spiritual strongholds over their city and nation, or any particular nations and cities where they are praying for God to move.

Since I am based in Brisbane, Australia, I began asking God for discernment and a revelation of the devil’s strongholds over Brisbane and Australia. I didn’t discern anything in particular for a while, until one morning when I was worshipping and seeking God.

It was a light bulb moment (I seem to have a lot of these lately), where I heard a voice say,

“The strongholds over this city and this nation, are the spirits of anxiety and depression, which are rooted in fear, guilt, hurt and broken-heartedness, broken hopes and dreams, rejection, unforgiveness and bitterness.”

I felt like the Lord said that the devil as come and hijacked the hearts and minds of the people, whispering lies and feeding self-pity. He has essentially disabled good people (in church and outside of church) through his lies, so that they are living a kind of half-life and God wants to SET THEM FREE!

God’s plans for precious people, is a wonderful abundant life. The Bible tells us in John 10:10, that ‘the enemy comes to rob, to kill and to destroy, but Jesus has come that we might have abundant life.’

As a qualified and experienced counsellor, I believe through my experiences that psychology can only offer band aid solutions. True deliverance and restoration is only found in the power of Christ. Jesus is still the answer to a transformed life!

God wants people everywhere to come to him through Jesus Christ and exchange their broken, wounded hearts and lives for love, happiness, peace, freedom and righteousness.

God bless dear readers. Until next time, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and cause his face to shine upon you.

Blessings, Lynda

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