10 Ways to Grieve the Holy Spirit – repost 


Repost from blog by Steve Simms
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I want God to ignite my words with a match made in Heaven so that they burn in the heart of everyone who reads them or hears them, making them a furnace that spreads God’s warmth and light around the world.
Top 10 Ways To Quench The Holy Spirit

“Quench not the Spirit” is one of the most disobeyed scriptures in the New Testament. So how do we quench the Spirit. Here are the Top Ten ways.

10) We teach people that God isn’t speaking to human beings nowadays.
9) We freely indulge our desires to the point that our heart gets so hard that we no longer hear what God is saying to us.
8) We tell the Holy Spirit that we will do what He wants later, or when we are older.
7) We intentionally disobey the direct commands of Scripture.
6) When we are with believers, we pretend that we are better Christians than we really are.
5) We ignore the guidance of that our conscience gives us.
4) We care more about what other people think about us than we care what God thinks about us.
3) We believe that because of grace it doesn’t matter if we obey God or not.
2) We let our pride keep us from doing anything that we consider to be humbling.
1) We force people to quench the Spirit by programming church meetings to the point that no one but the preacher or someone on the program is expected or allowed to initiate anything in the meeting.

Here’s a quote from C.T. Studd: “How little chance the Holy Spirit has nowadays. The churches and missionary societies have so bound Him in red tape that they practically ask Him to sit in a corner while they do the work themselves.”
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